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Senior Alarm Watch with Fall Detection and Without Subscription

If you are looking for a reliable way to protect your loved ones, a senior alarm watch with fall detection and no subscription is the perfect solution. With features such as GPS location, phone-less calling and medication reminders, you can rest assured that your loved ones are safe and well cared for. Read on to learn more about these great products!

The Seniors Alarm Watch offers not only SOS functionality, but also fall detection and GPS location tracking without a subscription!

Operation of the SOS button

Seniors continue to live at home longer and longer. It is important to provide the right tools or personal alarms for seniors to live safely at home, such as a watch with SOS button. This can help save life-saving time and provide quick medical assistance to elderly people in need. With a senior alarm watch with fall detection and alarm button, seniors can protect themselves from dangers occurring at home or outdoors without depending on others.

  • To activate the SOS button, simply press the button for 3 seconds.
  • Pressing the SOS button automatically sends a text message with GPS location and a phone call to 3 contacts.
  • If no one answers after pressing the SOS button, the watch will start dialing the next number until someone answers.

GPS location

The Seniors Alarm Watch with Fall Detection and Without Subscription features a GPS location function. This allows the wearer of the watch to be located at all times, providing additional security. In an emergency, emergency responders can be on the scene quickly because they know where the person is. In addition to these benefits, it is also possible, for example, to see where the watch is and if there is movement via an app on the phone.

The GPS feature allows one to see in real time where someone is, allowing one to react more quickly if something goes wrong. Using this feature not only increases safety, but also reduces stress in family members because they know their loved one is being watched closely.

But just knowing where someone is during an emergency is not enough, which is why there are even more convenient features available on this alarm watch.

Calling with watch without phone

The watch comes with a SIM card, which makes the watch work independently and thus not connected to a smartphone. Other watches such as the Apple Watch, for example, must be connected to a smartphone to make calls. The KUUS. S1 or S2 alarm watch can make and receive calls via the SIM card inserted in the watch. So the watch is actually a phone watch for seniors. It works without a subscription, and comes with a prepaid SIM card so you won’t be stuck with high fees. Our product page lists the low cost of our alarm watches.

In short, the senior alarm watch provides not only security but also social support for seniors who still like to be active without constantly worrying about their well-being or dependence on others.

Alarm watch with fall detection

The fall detection alarm of a senior citizen alarm watch works based on advanced technology that can accurately measure the movements and position of the watch. This allows the system to detect when someone has fallen. The fall detection alarm has different levels of sensitivity depending on how vulnerable the wearer is to falls. This level can be easily adjusted in the settings.

If a fall is detected, the alarm system will respond immediately by automatically contacting preset emergency numbers and/or caregivers. Moreover, the person in charge of care also receives real-time notifications about what is going on via their smartphone or other device connected to the Internet.

  • Fall detection technology measures movement and position to detect falls
  • Different levels of sensitivity are adjustable
  • In the event of a detected fall, emergency contacts are automatically activated

Heart rate monitor

The Seniors Alarm Watch S2 features a heart rate monitor function. This feature measures the wearer’s heart rate and can help detect any health problems. Especially for seniors who want to check their health regularly, this feature is very useful.

Benefits of the heart rate monitor function include that the watch provides instant feedback on physical fitness and can help identify health problems early so that help can be provided quickly.

  • Early detection of heart disease
  • Regular check-ups at no extra cost or doctor’s visit
  • Ability to take quick action on emergencies

Medicine reminder function

The S2 senior alarm watch features a convenient medication reminder function. This is especially useful for the elderly who need to take multiple medications at different times. With this feature, the watch can remind the wearer when it is time to take his or her medications so that they are not forgotten. Through a vibration or sound signal, they are reminded to take their pills on time, providing better health and peace of mind for the elderly and caregivers alike. Thus, this watch can contribute to the health and safety of seniors by ensuring that they take their medication on time.

Benefits of the medication reminder

Benefits of medication recall are manifold. For example, the watch can remind a patient to take medication on time, increasing adherence. This has positive effects not only on the overall well-being of the patient, but also on the course of the disease itself. In addition, a medication reminder feature can reduce errors in taking medication and reduce stress for both patient and caregiver.

  • Increased adherence to therapy
  • Reduction of errors in taking medication
  • Less stress for both patient and caregiver

Frequently Asked Questions

Our senior alarm watch with fall detection offers a safe solution for seniors still living independently, with no subscription and accurate detection. It is understandable that you have questions about our alarm watches. Therefore, we have compiled some frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice for your loved ones or yourself:

What helps with demented elders may be an alarm watch. This is because it can monitor location, heart rate and when an elderly person falls. It also allows you to make phone calls and can provide a medication reminder.

An alarm watch may be the solution. The SOS button allows an elder to automatically contact up to 3 numbers in case of emergency. The GPS location provides additional security because one always knows where the elder is. In addition, calls can be made without a phone and a medication reminder function is available. The fall detection alarm provides automatic notification and the heart rate monitor is available on the S2 model.

An alarm watch is a useful device for keeping an eye on demented seniors. It provides additional security and ensures that the elder can always be reached in case of emergency. In addition, the watch can help remember medication and offers a fall detection alarm.

No, a SIM card is required to make calls and send location data. The cost of the SIM card is low:

– Calls €0.09 per minute

– Mobile internet €0.01 per MB (for GPS location, consumption about 30 to 50 mb per month)

Want to learn more about our senior alarm watch or have other questions? Feel free to get in touch!

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