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About KUUS.

Never lose sight of your loved ones again

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If only we had eyes in the back of our heads. Nowadays we live in a busy world where we are often away from home, but want to know what is happening at home. In which we want to keep an eye on our children without restricting their freedom. A time when we want to know exactly where our cars and other valuables are. In which we always want to know where our loved ones are.

KUUS’ GPS and spy products. deliver you this safe feeling.

A safe feeling that you know where your valuables loved ones are

What makes KUUS. unique?

Plug and play

Within minutes, the KUUS. products ready to use

Clear Dutch manual

Our products and manuals are completely in the Dutch language and work throughout Europe

Reliable quality

With the clear manual, you can use our products for years!

Excellent customer service

Do you still have a problem? Then of course we will be happy to help you!

Always includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Hardware warranty. There is no question about that!

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