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Compare the best GPS Watches for Kids

Of course, as a father or mother, you always want to ensure the safety of your children. A GPS watch for children can help with this. In this blog post, I discuss the different features and types of GPS watches so that you as a parent can make the best choice to protect your child. From accurate location tracking to sending and receiving messages, everything is covered!

My name is Bas, and I will outline the choices we made in developing our GPS watches for children.


Why a GPS watch for kids?

As a parent, you naturally want your son or daughter to be safe while gaining more independence. A GPS watch can help with this and has many advantages. It ensures that your child is less likely to need a smartphone and can always go outside to play. In addition, this reduces your child’s screen time because they can play outside and get more exercise. We find it very important that the watch has no games, so that children are encouraged to play outside.

There are several GPS watches for children on the market with different functions. It is important to look at this carefully so you can choose the watch that best suits your family. Pay attention to the differences in features and which watch best suits your child’s needs.

What to look out for when buying GPS watch?

There is a huge range in terms of smartwatches for children with GPS. Some models have a video call function and an SOS button in addition to a GPS tracker, while other smartwatches also offer heart rate function or medication reminders for children with medication needs.

GPS watches for children come with various features, such as (video) calling functions and SOS buttons.

A children’s watch should be lumber-proof and solid because children will play with it. So we also took this into account when developing the products.

There are also large price differences in watches, this is because lower quality product and after sale service are used.

What are the features?

A GPS watch for children offers many features that provide safety and peace of mind for parents. For example, the watch can be used to make calls to a number of set numbers and has an SOS button in case of emergency. In addition, it is possible to send and receive messages through the parent app and has KUUS. W2 model even a video calling and selfie function. The battery should last at least 1 day so children can enjoy playing outside.

Check out all the features below:

The most important function, of course, is locating your children. This provides extra safety and security in situations when your son or daughter is out and about alone. Most watches have several useful features for tracking GPS locations, such as:

  • Real-time location tracking:
  • you can see your child’s exact location at any time.
  • Retrieve history of locations:
  • See where your child has been during a given period of time.

Our W2 watch and our W3 model offer even more accurate GPS determination through the 4G network, giving you an even better idea of where your child is. The battery life is also excellent and prolonged use will not be a problem.

It is a nice feeling that children on their way to school or to the playground can quickly get in touch should the need arise. The smartwatches for children work with a SIM card, giving them their own 06 number. Children can thus make and receive calls from preset safe numbers. Thus, numbers not included here cannot call the child watch.

With our child GPS watch, up to 10 preset numbers can be stored in the phone book. The call function is an important part of the watch because it allows your child to quickly contact you in case of an emergency or if something is wrong. Below is the cost of Lebara ONE SIM card that you receive for free with the watch: (updated June 2023)

  • Mobile: 0.09 per minute
  • Landline: 0.01 per minute
  • SMS: 0.15 per message
  • Mobile internet: 0.01 per MB
  • Starting rate: 0.15 per call
  • Voicemail (1233): 0.12 per call

Video calling is often cheaper than mobile calling! 1 minute of video calling with a GPS watch costs about 9 MB per minute, so that’s €0.09.

Many parents use a GPS watch as their children’s first phone. With the messages function, a message can be sent from the KUUS.watch app to the children’s smartwatch. The child can then send a message back. The watches do not work with Whatsapp or other messaging service to prevent unwanted contact with children.

As a parent, it is important to teach children the basics of time. With this GPS watch, children can learn to watch both digital and analog clock. These are the 12 available dials that can be practiced on:

  • Analog dial with numerals
  • Analog dial without numerals
  • Digital 12-hour display
  • Digital 24-hour display

This gives children a playful understanding of what time it is and how long certain activities take.

In addition to these features, the GPS watch for children also offers other convenient clock options such as setting an alarm clock or other alarm.

Do your kids like to play with water on a hot summer day? Our children’s GPS watches are splashproof. So a fight with water balloons or water guns is not a problem. However, we do not recommend swimming with the watches to avoid damage.

The GPS watch connects to the strongest signal source (4G / LBS) for accurate location determination. Thanks to multiple available frequencies, the site’s coverage is even better. This ensures that parents always know where their child is and can act quickly in case of an emergency.

It is important that the watch can last at least 1 day, so like a smartphone, it can be charged overnight. Then go for a battery of at least 750 mAh. The battery life of the KUUS. watches is about a day and a half (1,000 mAh).

Set medication reminders to make sure your child never misses his doses. Our voice medicine reminder feature is “speech-based,” which means it is also suitable for illiterate or young children. The battery life of our best GPS tracker child watches won’t disappoint you, so you don’t have to worry about a dead battery when the alarm goes off to remind your son or daughter of his medication.

Of course, as parents, we always want to know that our children are safe and can intervene quickly in case of an emergency. That’s why all of our GPS watches for kids have an SOS button that allows your child to contact you as a parent or caregiver directly. One press of this panic button automatically calls the 3 preset SOS numbers. In addition, a notification is sent to the corresponding app, which also includes the child’s location. Setting the SOS numbers works through the included free app. This way you are always aware of where your child is and can switch quickly if needed.

No one is waiting for a subscription. That’s why our GPS watches have no monthly fees. The smartwatches include a SIM card with credit, and recharging can easily be done online. Our goal is to make parents’ lives easier while their child remains safe and they can stay connected without additional financial burdens.

The monthly usage cost of the watch with the prepaid SIM card on Lebara ONE is approximately:

  • Calling: depends on how often you call. Getting calls is free, calling from 0.09 cents per minute. (excluding starting rate)
  • GPS location: 30-50 MB so €0.30 to €0.50 per month
  • Video calling: depends on how often you video call. Costs about 0.05 per minute.

All children’s watches with GPS work with an app. Pay close attention when purchasing what kind of app is used with the watch. Is this a Chinese app like the SeTracker app or Wonlex GPS watch app, or an app in the Dutch language?

Our watches work with the Dutch-language KUUS. Watch app. With the KUUS. Watch app you have an intuitive interface to control all functions of the watch. Additionally, you will receive notifications when your child sends an SOS notification through the watch, providing extra peace of mind as a parent.

Our GPS watches have adjustable straps suitable for wrists of multiple sizes. Moreover, we have a compact design that fits well with the childlike look of our watches. So you can be confident that children are not only safe, but also stylish when wearing their GPS watch.

The GPS watch works with a SIM card to make calls and track GPS location. We provide a free Lebara SIM card on the reliable KPN network with €5 starting credit so parents can start using the watch right away. Upgrading the SIM card can easily be done online. There is a QR code in the manual.

The watch is simlock-free and works with any carrier.

The GPS watch child offers not only safety and reliability, but also fun features for children. The camera on the front of the watch allows children to make video calls to parents or caregivers. In addition, they can take pictures of things they find interesting and easily share them through the chat feature.

  • Video call with mom or dad or others who are the KUUS. Watch app have.
  • Share photos via chat with the KUUS. Watch app.

The heart rate function of the GPS watch for kids allows you to measure your child’s heart rate in real time. This way you are always aware of any health problems in your child.

For fathers and mothers who are concerned about their children’s safety, or just want to keep an extra eye on them, GPS watches can be a great solution to provide peace of mind. These smart watches have various features such as location tracking and calling functions that allow you to keep in touch with your son or daughter when needed.

The points below are important to look at when comparing different watches:

– Which app does the watch work with?

– What are the running costs of the watch, and is it simlock-free so that it can also use its own sim card?

– What is the age of your son or daughter? We recommend that a GPS watch be purchased only from 7 years of age or older due to wrist size.

– What functions do you want to use with the watch? If you want to use a heart rate monitor or medication reminder, we recommend a more advanced model such as the KUUS W3.

About KUUS.kids

We at KUUS. have a mission: to make parents feel safe and children more free to play outside. We do this with clear Dutch-language products and manuals. We also have no advertising or subscription fees in our app.

KUUS. children’s GPS watches are an extension of communication with children. You can think of our watches as your child’s first phone. We intentionally do not install games on the watches because we believe that games can compromise your child’s safety. This is appreciated by our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The GPS can be used all over Europe with the same low cost and accurate GPS.

The built-in GPS tracker in the smartwatch-child watches uses satellites to gather accurate location information. This information is then transmitted to the corresponding app, where parents can track their child’s location in real time. This offers parents peace of mind because they know where their child is when he or she is playing outside or on the way to school or friends at home.

The children’s smartwatches with GPS are accurate to about 10 meters.

Do you have a question I haven’t discussed in this blog article? Write your question below and I will answer it!

Greetings Bas from KUUS.

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