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Just a few days after installation, it hit. The culprit was in perfect detail. He looked straight into the camera, but despite that he didn’t realize it was a camera. Nice mini cam that is easy to conceal. The picture quality in the lowest resolution is very good. Easy to operate and read out. Transferring files via the cable itself does take some time, but the advantage is that the camera can remain in place. In short, really highly recommended. Price/quality more than good.
Mini camera - C1
Camera purchased in December and already captured many fun moments with this mini camera. Good image quality considering size camera. Clear Dutch instructions for use. Perhaps 1 downside is that it does not record in a completely dark room.
Small all-rounder - C1
A rather small camera with nevertheless excellent specifications. Operation is quick to fathom despite its small size thanks in part to the site’s excellent video tutorial. The beauty of this camera is that it also comes with a mini memory card so you can get right to work after the quick loading. Highly recommended!
Kuus Mini Hidden Camera - C1
The mini camera received very user-friendly manual also by Kuus received film it is easy to operate. Only thing that disappoints me is that in the Night Vision there is no power bank that can be connected and this is exactly what I needed. There is no mention of this in the product description. Otherwise, it all works.
More than expected - C1

The result is more than I expected for that money. Nice, small camera. Perfectly packed with supplies. Dutch user manual. Quality shots excellent. Easy to operate and works really long when charged.

Excellent product- C1
Excellent, user-friendly and compact product. Easy to install thanks to the clear Dutch manual. The motion detection works perfectly. Truly a multipurpose asset!
Pretty good - C1
It does what it is supposed to do, easy to operate after some practice. Only the color contrast is a little less with artificial light it quickly becomes black and white which is a pity of course. But during the day and also outside diet that is fine.
Fantastic product - C1
Handy spy camera!
Review - C1
not bad camera but also not of the best, if you have to pair with powerbank the programming fringed and it’s confusion though, quality of image is good though.
Acceptable spy cam at amusing price - C1

The camera looks nice, it is a small size as you can also see from the pictures. It comes with an easy-to-assemble clamp and bracket to mount it to a wall or tree, for example, with two screws. You can also easily charge the camera via usb in the computer or laptop, or with a quick charger in the wall outlet.

Operation of the camera is by means of two buttons. The on and off button and the mode button. After you make the purchase, you will automatically receive an email containing a video. The video demonstrates how to operate the camera. That’s all easy, but you have to watch the video.

The quality of the camera is good, because after I dropped it from two meters high on the floor tiles right away, the camera did not have a scratch and still worked.
The quality of the video is not very good and disappointed me a bit. But fair is fair, the price is not high either.
You should definitely be able to recognize people on screen and track their movements well, and that’s ultimately what you buy it for.
I should add that I did not test it at night, so I cannot judge the infrared function.

I also read that some use the camera as an in-car dashcam. I attached the camera to the handlebars of my bike but the camera just can’t do that. The image goes like crazy, not because of the bumps but because of the camera’s censor, it just can’t capture the movements properly. So as an in-car dashcam, you don’t need to buy it.

All in all, the camera and image is at least acceptable for the price at which it can be purchased. There will be better ones for sale, but they will also be more expensive. I do not regret my purchase and am also happy with Kuus’ service.

Small yet versatile in use - C1

Didn’t expect this little mini camera to have so many functions.
Surprisingly sharp picture and sound, and in terms of pictures, it obviously doesn’t compare to a real photo camera, but still takes pretty good pictures.
Because of its many functions, we still need to learn about it and try out what this camera can do. Since we haven’t had these for very long and don’t always have the opportunity to use them, we can’t make a final judgment on them yet.
Nice that the seller had sent another instructional video beforehand, only the paper manual in the box could have been written a bit larger for us as the text was too small for us to read.
We were able to contact the Kuus team with our questions at all times and they were also answered quickly. Even when returning 1 of the 4 mini cameras we ordered, a new one was shipped back to us super fast.
The cameras work well, just not a guarantee that it always records 100% everything, we still need to find out where this is due to.
Otherwise super satisfied customers and team from Kuus, thanks again for great service and fast delivery!!!

Sugar cube camera - C1

This spycam is very small, it slightly larger than a sugar cube and therefore ideal for use as a dashcam or for all sorts of other James Bond reenactments.

Compared to most smartphones, the quality of the spycam is less with the photos and movie camera.
The night vision work fine just not for a long distance.

The spycam also has a motion detection mode (night as day) which makes it a lot more interesting and fun to play with.

With an external power bank, you can significantly extend the battery and recording time of this camera.

I am very satisfied with the spycam, unfortunately not a very good quality image but good enough for the purpose. The functions it has with only two buttons gives many possibilities where you can use it unseen.

For the price, it is a very good intro into the mini camera world.

Outrageous - C1

2 mini spy cameras purchased- only 1 delivered

Response from KUUS..:

Thank you for your message. We have already sent the camera to you again, but you yourself indicate that it might have been delivered to your neighbors.

Have you checked with neighbors to see if a package might have arrived for you?

Should this not be the case, I am happy to look with you to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Greetings Bas from KUUS.

Fine watch W1

Simple watch, but does what it is supposed to do. Installation was easy and succeeded in 1x. Indoor gps range is moderate, but outdoors excellent and after all, that’s what we use it for. App works well!

Good Service - S2
Lon Snoeren

An excellent watch with drop alarm. Smoothly delivered and reasonably easy to install. Sensitivity fall alarm takes some time to adjust properly. After a few days, the strap suddenly broke while taking it off to charge. An email to KUUS and I had a new strap within 1 day. So good service.

Bad quality and no service - W1

the watch shows always ” device is not networking”, have contact service, and provided infromation as they requested, but hear nothing back, and the time show on watch is even incorrect, and if its not able to connect to app, there is no way to set the time. very bad service, and bad quality. do not buy it!!!

Response KUUS..:

Hello Nicole,

Sorry to hear you are so disappointed. You sent an email on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday we immediately received a negative review.

Naturally, we sent a nice response on Monday to help you resolve this issue.

Greetings Bas from KUUS.

Fine smartwatch, easy to use (even for preschoolers) - W2

Fine smartwatch, easy to use. My 5-year-old daughter can call us when something is wrong which makes me feel more confident about letting her play outside.

Response KUUS..:

Thank you for your message Marleen! Nice to hear that your daughter has more freedom this way, which is exactly our goal !

Greetings Bas from KUUS.

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