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This is the video manual for the new KUUS. C1 Pro mini camera. Check the below video to see how the product functions.

Below the video some frequently asked questions are answered.

00:02 – Package contents
00:38 – Explanation of function buttons
01:17 – Resetting the camera
– How to charge the camera
01:59 – Inserting memory card
02:33 – Loop recording
03:40 – Motion detection

If the video does not load, check the video on youtube:



To set the date and time correctly, follow the steps below:
Connect the camera to your computer via cable. Open TIME.txt. In this text notepad, you can adjust the time:
The format is yyyymmddttttss N ( N from No for no display) or Y (Y from Yes for display). Year, month, day, time, seconds.
Example: date 2020, March 1, time 12:00, 40 seconds = code 20200301120040 Y
Each time you read out the footage, you should also reset the time briefly.

By default the camera will power on and enter into recording mode directly once charging.

Take out the memory card to prevent this.

Do you have another question? First try resetting the camera.

If this does not work, please contact our support via:

[email protected]

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