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KUUS. W2 – Kids Smartwatch, Kids Watch with GPS Tracker, GPS watch kid – Video calling function – 4G network

KUUS. W2 - Children's Smartwatch

Video call your child

Within 3 sec SOS

Children never lost

30 days of testing

money back

Tomorrow at home

free shipping

350+ reviews

8.5 on average

video call
Video calling with your child
sos bellen
Call within 3 seconds with SOS
GPS location
Never lose your children
Geo Fence blue
Set a safe area

Why KUUS W2?

In brief:

What do others think?

See below what the Nagelkerkjes think of our watch:

“Sophie and Jan were very surprised by the KUUS. Watch. Watch their reaction in the video.”

Product details

New 4G smartwatch
A safe feeling that you always know where your children are! KUUS introduces the new model W2. the brand’s first 4G watch. The smartwatch is specially designed for children and has several smart functionalities. Its main function is to allow children to play safely. Parents always know where their child is and with the built-in phone feature, children can call their parents and vice versa.

Difference between 2G and 4G smartwatches
The KUUS. W2 is made for the safety of children. The GPS feature allows parents to see the child’s location. Many other watches use 2G or even the outdated LBS, making location much less accurate. The KISS. The watch uses the 4G network and built-in WiFi connection, so it displays a highly accurate location both outdoors and indoors. This way you always feel safe because you know where your child is!

Children’s smartwatch with video call
In addition to GPS location, it is now possible to video call your son or daughter! By our new KUUS. Watch your valuables app it is now possible to video call your little one! This is via the Internet with the SIM card provided

Waterproof IP67
The new W2 GPS watch for children is waterproof up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter. Ideal on a summer day with the water gun! This watch is also recommended during winter sports or snow.

KUUS. Smartwatch for children with calling function
The KUUS. W2 GPS watch has a built-in calling function. This means your child can call you at any time. The watch does not need to be connected to a phone, as there is a SIM card in the children’s smartwatch (included). In addition, you can call and message your child. The messages can be text messages or voice messages. The watch vibrates when it receives calls or messages. Messages are displayed on the watch screen.

Smartwatch without games
The KUUS. W2 children’s smartwatch has no games. This kids watch is really meant to be a smart tool with GPS tracker and communication smartwatch for kids. Make sure your children are not distracted in traffic, which is why the KUUS W2 model has no games on the watch. Safer outdoor play without distractions.

GPS horloge kind met alarmfunctie
Aan de zijkant van de KUUS. GPS watch for children includes an SOS button. By pressing this button, your child can call you anytime. Up to 3 SOS numbers can be set. There is also a phone book where you can store another 10 numbers so that your child can also call, for example, grandparents and friends.

Free English app with live GPS location
With the lifetime free app for your phone (so no monthly fees or advertising) you can always see where your child is. It is even possible to set a safety area (for example, playground), will your child be outside this area? Then you will receive a notification. Moreover, you can set an alarm / alarm clock, for example, every day at 8:00 to take medicine.

Walkie Talkie feature
Playing nice in the neighborhood? This is even more fun together with friends! The Walkie Talkie function of the KUUS. GPS watch allows children to communicate with each other. In this way, children can easily call friends among themselves and, for example, agree to play together at the playground.

How it works. Place your best friend’s phone number in your watch and call from watch to watch. The first month after top-up, calling from Lebara to Lebara is even free, so if both friends use the included Lebara SIM card it’s free! 🥳

KUUS. GPS tracker child with free sim card
The GPS smartwatch for children works on the KPN network. As a service, you will immediately receive a free low-cost prepaid SIM card on the reliable KPN network (Lebara). There is €5 starting credit on the SIM card so you can start using the product Plug&Play right away! We tested this and it works all over Europe, including in Belgium or on vacation!
– Internet costs (data) about €1 per month. (to see GPS location, send messages and video call)
– Calls from the watch charged by the minute (€0.09). That’s only €0.0015 cents per second!
– Calls to the watch are free.
In the app, you have an overview in the cost of the watch.
Choose prepaid Lebara ONE calling credit, so no subscription!
What is not consumed from this credit can be used the following month.

Product specifications:
New: video calling with your child
Easy calling with the SOS button. Your child can easily reach you in threatening situations.
With the 12 different dial designs, your child can quickly learn to read the clock. Choose either a digital or analog clock.
S ee your child’s location on the smartphone
Works throughout Europe
Product includes free SIM card (reliable KPN network)
With adjustable safety area in which your child is allowed to move. Coming up KUUS. watch out here? Then you will receive a notification.
User-friendly, can be used within minutes
WiFi connection for accurate indoor location
GPS accuracy: 10 meters
Material: plastic and silicone band
Battery life 1 to 2 days
Free app
IP64 waterproof. For everyday use (so also works in rain or beach / snowboarding / skiing)
Phonebook for 10 contacts
Minimum wrist size 10 cm
Notification when battery is low
Touchscreen with color
Watch vibrates on call or message
Without a monthly subscription. Usual phone or internet charges only
Tracking multiple watches simultaneously

Package Contents:
1 x Manual Dutch
1 x GPS Watch Child model W2
1 x Screen protector plastic. Glass screen protector available separately.
1 x Charging cable micro USB
1x Prepaid SIM card for all of Europe!

1-5 of 101 reviews
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    Top horloge

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  2. PM

    Werkt uitstekend. Ik gebruik, alhoewel het een kinderhorloge is, dit zelf als GPS tracker, als ik alleen de bossen in ga met mijn crossfiets. Jammer dat het bandje dan wel kort is. Ik heb namelijk al de opties niet nodig en koos daarom juist voor het simpelste model.

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  3. B

    De app zelf werk niet, zegt dat horloge offline is terwijl het een lebara one met ruim 9 euro erin zit. Wifi uitgezet omdat het bericht beter locatie te geven, wijkt alsnog af 630m. Kan net zo goed een mobiel geven. Ik ga hem retourneren. Ik kan hem niet gebruiken als wordt geadverteerd. Jullie app zegt dat horloge offline is.

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  4. BV

    Doet precies wat we verwacht hebben

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  5. J

    fijn te weten waar mijn kind is. goed horloge. begin even tijd nodig om alles goed in te stellen maar dan heb je er ook wat aan.

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