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The value of a GPS Watch for the elderly

Caring for the elderly requires constant attention and innovative solutions to support their independence and safety. At KUUS. wanted to alleviate the concerns people have. That’s why we designed GPS watches for the elderly. These watches are the perfect solution when the elderly are just not well enough to walk and are far from needing […]

How do you use an outdoor camera wirelessly?

Our wireless outdoor cameras, such as the C1 and C2, offer a revolutionary solution for discreetly monitoring and securing your surroundings. In this blog, we explore the possibilities and explain how you can seamlessly integrate them into your daily life. Whether you are curious about the simplicity of installation, the efficiency of a cable-free camera, […]

The importance of a watch with an alarm

The importance of personal safety technology, especially for the elderly, is ever increasing. Because the elderly prefer to live independently for as long as possible, assistive devices come in incredibly handy. A watch with an alarm is a perfect example. In this text, we will explore specific times when a watch with an alarm can […]

How does the alarm button for the elderly work?

alarmknop ouderen

In pursuit of a safer and more independent life for seniors, the KUUS. S1 and S2 watches a crucial feature: a reliable alarm button, also called SOS button. This easy-to-use button is a lifeline for seniors in need, both at home and away from home. Having this in a watch lowers the barrier to using […]

Things you can’t do without a mini wifi camera

Filming things is one of our biggest hobbies these days. Of course, we have cameras not only as a hobby because we do a lot of serious and important things with them. Cameras and video content are also becoming more integrated into the things we do. Take for example the drones for imagery and all […]

How do I link my KUUS. C2/C3 camera to my computer?

It is possible to access KUUS camera footage. C2 or C3 via your computer. The following is a step-by-step guide to doing this: 1. Go to the website: To access camera footage of KUUS. C2 or C3 via your computer, you must first go to the specific web page designed for that purpose. Type […]

Personal alarm without subscription

In our country where aging is becoming more prominent, there is a growing need for reliable and accessible personal alarms for seniors. As more seniors want to continue to be supported in their independence, solutions will have to be devised. Here comes KUUS. in the picture, a company committed to the well-being of seniors by […]

5 Dementia aids, an overview of Alzheimer’s aids

Living with dementia or Alzheimer’s can be a complex challenge, both for those directly affected and those around them. These disorders not only affect memory and cognitive functions, but also affect daily routine and ability to be independent. Therefore, in collaboration with the House of Tomorrow, we have created an e-book that focuses on practical […]

The infinite possibilities of a wifi camera

Imagine this: you are on the road and still want to know what is happening to your home, pets or bird house. With the KUUS. C2 wifi camera you can easily dismiss such concerns. But that’s not the only thing. In fact, this camera is so small that it can hardly be noticed. It is […]

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